Get Gauged Prices for your Auctions, from Experts

A state-of-the-art concept, Group Gauge will act as a community platform where a seller can post products in a specific group, & the Group members shall determine the market value of the said product where the most accurate estimation earns them reward points.

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How It Works

Become a Member

Once you signup, you'll choose the groups you want to be a part of. You can choose groups that you're familiar with to help gauge prices for items, or you can choose groups that you want to post items to for other "experts" to gauge the price of!

Post An Item

Completely lost on how much something you have is worth? Post it to a group! Groups are comprised of people that have years of knowledge in that specific area. See what the group thinks your item is worth!

Gauge Values

Do you have a lot of knowledge in a certain area? Awesome! Join those groups and start gauging values! We also have competitions for auctions of certain items. Gauge the value of those auctions to earn points and reputation!